You Gotta Be Different If You Want Different

You Gotta Be Different If You Want Different


While browsing my social media news feed recently, a quote popped up and grabbed my attention. It said, “you gotta move different if you want different”. I had never seen it before, however, it was compelling and in an instant, it made me reflect on my life experiences and what it has taken for me to ‘move different‘ by changing my approach to challenges and difficult situations.  

The impromptu reflection exercise-induced feelings of pride and joy. Pride because I could not believe I had the strength to keep going even in the dark moments. Joy because I have been able to use the obstacles and challenges to develop resilience and humility to be more empathetic and compassionate to others. I feel strongly that strong people are the ones who can share their vulnerabilities by being open and honest about their insecurities and fears.

It is certainly not an easy road. However, we must remember that although it may be emotionally charged to share these life experiences, we should share what we can when we are ready. There is no pressure. I have found that, in my experience, people tend to admire others’ achievements and be taken in by the apparent glory in terms of accolades, achievements and recognition. However, for every smile, there is a tear. We must listen to the story and not just focus on the glory.

It was a cathartic experience to publicly share the snippets in the video below. I hope that it will inspire, motivate and challenge others to own their stories and share them when they are ready.

Remember, “you gotta move different if you want different”.

Watch the following video to feel my vibe.

You got to move different if you want different

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  1. Excellent point, and self reflection is the key to happiness, and with the flexibility to make adjustments as deemed necessary. life would be boring if we all were the same

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