Aneisha Fiona Rose – The Conqueror

Aneisha Fiona Rose – The Conqueror


Aneisha Fiona Rose is the youngest Business Banker in Scotiabank Jamaica. She also serves on the executive board of the Youth and Intercessory Ministry at Emmanuel Apostolic Church, Portmore. Today we focus on her; her story, her lessons, her journey and her advice as we recap our reasoning session.


The tests we face in life’s journey are not to reveal our weaknesses but to help us discover our inner strengths. We can only know how strong we are when we strive and thrive beyond challenges. There is strength in every struggle. Struggles create opportunities for you to become stronger, wiser and better. The moment you shift your thinking from “I cannot” to “I must,” you will begin to see ‘beyond the pain’ and draw strength from within.

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. I am always happy to meet people who overcome their circumstances and rise to greatness. One such person is Aneisha Fiona Rose. At just 30 years old, she has been through enough storms and snares to last her a lifetime. These struggles, however, were not in vain as they fueled her power and produced the woman she is today.

Aneisha Rose


The Kingston 13 native has always been a scholar. Being cognizant of the struggles inner-city people undergo especially the uneducated, her parents Patsie and Delroy Rose ensured that both their daughters were educated. Teaching them to read early and being interested in their education propelled them to attend some of the best schools and prepared them to lead their cohort. They not only grew up in an overprotective household, they also grew up in the Emmanuel Apostolic Church – Barrett Avenue.

Overcoming Struggles

Describing herself as an overcomer, Aneisha conquered many challenging situations including the death of close relatives, the struggles of high school and getting raped. In addition, based on her financial constraints Aneisha realized that she had to work twice as hard as her peers. To ease some of the financial burdens from her parents, she sold food items such as chips, cheese snacks and sweets, especially during her university years. “High school was challenging because people tend to look down and misjudge you when you’re from the ‘wrong address”. Even though classism is unfortunately prevalent in many formal institutions, Aneisha did not let deter her. Instead, she used it as fuel to get to the top. Below, she opens up about one of her most unfortunate experiences:

Aneisha Rose

Love for God and Others

It’s not always easy to admit that we can step out of the Lord’s will when we want our own way. Yet, these are teachable moments which help us grow our faith while in the dark. We are taught to live and learn, be spiritually strengthened and to deepen our trust in Him. Aneisha credits her success to God who is always faithful and graceful to her despite her shortcomings:

Aneisha Rose

As an ambassador for the Kingdom of God, she wants people to know that there are no boundaries for those in Christ Jesus. He honours hard work, sacrifices and people who have a vision. “He wants us to act so He can react, and that has been a principle I applied to my life, hence the results.” Today, she can boast of her freedom because Christ has made her free.

One characteristic of God which she tries to emulate is love. Along with her family, she has been a part of numerous outreach projects and has offered her skills and time to the inner-city’s children. She mentors both children and adults with guidance, motivation, emotional and practical support. Some of Aneisha’s affiliations include; the Maxfield Park Children’s Home, Scotia Volunteers and the We Inspire Women’s Bloom Team.

Who she is today

She has transitioned from the inner-city girl who’s lullabies were gunshots to the powerful and successful woman who has liberated her family financially. She is no longer the broken girl caged by society’s norms and values. Before concluding our reasoning, she wanted to encourage people to never give up. ‘I want people to know that regardless of the struggles, God is faithful and just and rewards you publicly for what you do privately.’

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