Lead. Inspire. Transform. #2020LIT

Lead. Inspire. Transform. #2020LIT


The holidays are over and it’s time for the real world. 2019 was a great year for many of us and 2020 will be even greater – if we make the necessary implementations. The start of a new year is often viewed as a clean slate and a chance of redemption. It is a great time for us to review our shortcomings, wins and losses and aim to improve. It’s time to live out our year doing all we can to level up. It’s time for us to step into our purpose and lead, inspire and transform our lives and the lives around us.


I think it’s safe to say that #lit was one of the hashtags of the decade. The term means that something is intense, fun, or exciting. Recently it became the acronym for a powerful slew of words: lead, inspire and transform.

The way we live our life is a reflection of our ministry unto our Creator. The term ‘lead’ means being an example for others to follow. To be an effective leader, you have to master the art of leading yourself first. Someone’s excellence in leadership generally inspires others to transform.

The year is a blank canvas and it is your duty to leave your mark. When you interact with people, are they left inspired? As much as conversations don’t always inspire the receiver, naturally, your actions should impact them in positive ways. ‘Actions speak louder than words’. This statement should be taken literally as people tend to remember who they see in your actions.

There have been many times in my life where I have fell off track and needed inspiration. Luckily, there have always been people in my circle who were #lit. Surrounding yourself with positive people is necessary for your growth. One of my favourite verses in the Bible is Proverbs 27:17, ‘Iron sharpens iron…’ Not only do I pour into my friends’ life but they also pour into mine. Transformation is not a sprint, it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires effort and the right environment. Choose your circle wisely, be patient, positive and effective.


As we begin this new phase of our lives and get ready to explode in the new decade, let’s take a stand and be LIT.


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