Kingston Night Market

Kingston Night Market

Night Market

On Christmas Eve our family took a wary trek to the Kingston Night Market on Hillcrest Avenue. At first, we were hesitant because of the light drizzle, but we didn’t let that stop us. A short drive for an uptown family took us to the venue in under 10 minutes. By the time we arrived, armed with umbrellas, the rain decided to pick up a little as if it were the official welcome to our first Night Market experience. We stepped across growing pools of water and entered the venue.

On the company’s Facebook page, they describe the market as such;

The Kingston Night Market is a weekly artisan pop-up market hosted each Tuesday at 8 Hillcrest Avenue off Hope Road in Kingston. We feature a wide variety of premium artisans and creatives complemented by authentic food and new musical experiences. Come and enjoy some of the best Jamaica has to offer in one place on one night. Made in Jamaica With Love

Night Market

We didn’t see anything that contradicted the above description. Despite the rain, however, vendors were out in their numbers. some covering up their wares, but none trying to leave. As for us, we took cover, much to the frustration of our boys. “Mummy, we are children, part of our DNA forces us to play in the rain. That’s why God made us mostly out of water!” That was our nine-year-old.

Eventually, the rain began to slow down, and patrons began steadily filling up the Christmas Eve Night Market.

Brunfelsia Jamaicensis (Jamaican Lady of the Night)

Artisans emerged from the cover of tarp and tents and opened up to show all their beauty like a Brunfelsia Jamaicensis. We were now seeing uniquely designed concrete flower pots, loads of exquisite locally made jewellery, clothing, hand made leather accessories, purses, bags for women and men. Not to mention the great selection of Afro-Centric and Jamaican books.

Night Market Tastes

Zheal – The best cold-pressed coconut oil EVER

We sampled locally baked products, done just in time for Christmas. Local and international cuisine made to order. It’s Good News Jamaica, so you know our stomach chose the local delights. There was such a wide variety. We chose a delicious plate of Pick-up Saltfish and festival. Talk about perfectly seasoned. Between wiping your nose from the drainage, each bite produced a “Ummmmm!”

Thanks for the vibrations of an extremely knowledgable and passionate Rasta, we sampled fresh cold-pressed coconut oil. One sniff of the inside of the bottle cap and my eyes rolled into my head. Talk about pure. I forgot that coconut oil was supposed to taste light and flavour filled. It took me back to the days of “running a boat” when we had no meat and used to pour coconut oil on the cornmeal dumplings. A feeling of nostalgia ran through my body. Of course, we bought a bottle. The price was perfect, and the vendor was a delight to patronise.

Like the great family outing we expected, we met some old friends there and also struck up conversations with new ones.

Unfortunately, the time came for us to leave even though the boys wanted to stay longer and play.

Our first experience at Christmas Eve Night Market…refreshing!

Happy Holidays!

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