Service ABOVE Self: Mr Sewell and Miss Walford

Service ABOVE Self: Mr Sewell and Miss Walford


‘Dweet fi di love, mi nuh dweet fi di likes’ is a famous Jamaican song lyric which best describes the services offered by Mr Sewell and Miss Walford. Chevon Sewell and La Shawn Walford are both student volunteers who attend the University Of Technology, Jamaica and Nothern Caribbean University, respectively. These two students travel to Boys Town Infant and Primary School every Friday to give free Mathematics lessons to the grade six students.

Chevon Sewell

Attributing his love for giving back to his upbringing and morals, the 24-year-old St. Ann native has been volunteering for over 6 years. Chevon currently majors in Mathematics and Education and takes it as his mission to teach ‘creative Mathematics’. He chose this because of the challenges he faced learning the subject as a child:

Mr Sewell explains his reason for teaching Mathematics

Before volunteering at Boys Town, he offered his services at his alma mater, Priory Primary School where he helped to prepare students for GSAT. While fulfilling his community service duties at Boys Town Primary as a course requirement, a connection developed between him and the students and he hasn’t looked back since.

Mr Sewell on his reason for volunteering in Boys Town

Sewell uses games, songs and mnemonics in his lessons. This has been proven to help the students grasp difficult topics and formulas. Since being at Boys Town for the past 4 years, the mathematics average for the ‘Grade Six Geniuses’ has skyrocketed.

Sewell and BT
The Timetable Song

La Shawn Walford

Miss Walford, a current Social Work student enjoys working with students. Also hailing from St. Ann, La Shawn is a perfect example of being selfless as she uses her only day off from school to volunteer. Her love for volunteering developed since enrolling in university as her area of study contains a lot of fieldwork.

Miss Walford on her love for volunteering
Ms. La Shawn walford

Not being able to turn a blind eye to people who are in need, especially children, it is Miss Walford’s greatest desire to make a difference in the lives of everyone she meets. She was introduced to Boys’ Town by a friend who needed help, after going there, she realized that she had the opportunity to make a difference.

Miss Walford on Boys Town

Engaging in social work and activity allows her to do what she loves to do most – helping people. Not only does volunteering bring her joy, but it also helps her to become a better person. It helps her to be more connected to the people around her as well as provides her with the opportunity to gain experience and skills.

The Importance of Giving Back

Just like Mr Sewell and Miss Walford, you too can become volunteers. Volunteerism is often underestimated. Many people are unaware of how a small act can make a big difference in the lives of others. Not only will your actions benefit those on the receiving end, but you’ll find a personal sense of joy and fulfilment through your contributions. No matter the resources you have, you can start today. One small act will create a ripple effect. Once you start volunteering, you’ll see how your positive actions encourage others to get involved, too.

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