10th Staging Of Work-It-Out Challenge

10th Staging Of Work-It-Out Challenge


The National Health Fund’s (NHF) Work-It-Out Challenge is in its 10th year this year. The competition is expected to garner the most significant support it has received to date.

This year, a few new features have been introduced to improve the increasingly popular fitness and healthy lifestyle competition further. In addition to the facilitation of online registration, the programme will now allow participants to track their weight loss progress electronically. An overall weight target is calculated based on the individual’s total weight. The goal is directly linked to the individuals starting weight from their initial weigh-in.

Also, the contestants will be able to participate in nutritional sessions. These sessions, for the first time, are being facilitated online. The effort helps to improve access and provide a higher level of convenience for busy professionals who may otherwise be unable to attend a face to face session physically. “Via whatever electronic device, whether smartphone, tablet or laptop, the contestant is now able to view the nutritional videos and complete an assessment form. [This helps them] to periodically check for improved awareness” explains Shermaine Robotham, Health Promotion and Public Relations Manager at the National Health Fund. The nutritional videos will address superfoods, portion size, reading of food labels, healthy shopping on a budget as well as the promotion of the Food-Based Dietary Guidelines for Jamaica published by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

In addition to the new interactive features, participants can expect bi-weekly exercise sessions with trained fitness coaches, electrifying dance-off challenge and boot camps. The introduction of the Work-It-Out Ambassadors Programme is expected to generate a higher level of interest in the competition. Past winners and top achievers will share their experiences and knowledge with current participants.

The NHF Work-it-Out Challenge is a weight loss and fitness team competition. The competition encourages individuals 18 years and over with at least a Body Mass Index of 28 to join teams of at least 5 and change their lifestyle to achieve a healthier mind and body. The 24-week competition emphasizes diet and physical activity as a way to reduce a person’s risk of developing chronic diseases and supports the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ Jamaica Moves initiative.

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