Jamaica Association of Social Workers (JASW): Website Launch

Jamaica Association of Social Workers (JASW): Website Launch


The Jamaica Association of Social Workers (JASW) celebrated the launch of their brand-new website on Friday, July 19th. The website will help connect Social Workers throughout Jamaica, acting as an online hub for resource sharing and professional networking.

Since 1968, JASW has been developing the standards and values of social work across Jamaica – the importance of which is often overlooked by the rest of the population. “Social workers are usually taken for granted in Jamaica, but the truth is that they are critical for supporting the population, especially for mitigating and addressing the needs of the most vulnerable in our society,” says Eva Forde, president of the JASW. “Social workers are needed in every sector of society – in workplaces, schools, hospitals and at the highest levels of government informing policy – to make sure that no one falls through the cracks by not getting the services they need.”

Purpose of the Website

After months of hard work, the new website provides an interactive experience that will connect Social Workers throughout the island. A central database of contact information allows members to share knowledge and support each other in their work. Members of the Association will also be able to pay their annual dues online.

“It’s also a great new resource for all Jamaicans, not just Social Workers,” ensures Forde. “Our goal with this new interactive website is to provide our visitors with an easier way to learn more about the services that social workers offer, connect them with social work resources, and educate them on topics related to best practice within the social service sector.”

A Rise in Social Workers

Forde also anticipates a rise in need for Social Worker services due to the ever-changing political climates both here and abroad. “There’s a concern that the ICE raids in the United States will result in some Jamaicans being forced to return to the island without anyone here to support them,” remarks Forde. “We’ve seen how the police are already overwhelmed by trying to keep everyone looked after, especially in the SOE areas. Social workers are part of the solution for making sure these people are safe, cared for, and not creating an additional burden for law enforcement.”

JASW invites other social work-related organizations to share their information on the site as part of its ecosystem of helpful resources. Weekly updates with helpful information, articles, newsletters, and upcoming events can all be found at www.gojasw.org. The site also makes it easy to communicate directly with JASW members by including links for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For additional information about the launch of the website or the JASW generally, please contact the administrator at jamaicasocialwork@gmail.com or 876-510-8517.

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