Celebrating Hope Robinson

Celebrating Hope Robinson


Today we celebrate a lady who, honestly, it would be effortless and much shorter to discuss the things she does NOT do.  Her passion for conquering new territory is unstoppable.   Hope Robinson was born in the family house in Goshen, St. Elizabeth, and from that day, she has been impacting the world with her unorthodox approaches to success.  

Hope Robinson and her amazing mother Yvonne Mullings

Hope left Jamaica in 1982 and went to High school in N.Y., where she graduated with honours as a biology major. You might be asking, how does someone graduate from high school with honours in Biology? Hope explains it this way ” Well, in my high school you could study sciences, and my focus was on that (so I did chemistry and physics but more studies of biological sciences). Kids nowadays don’t know what they want, and I knew early so focused on it.” To continue on her trajectory, Hope achieved honours in her university studies as well. Hope goes on to explain that the key to her success is God and the Jamaican education in the classroom. She wanted to make sure that she pays homage to the people who impacted her life;

“Appreciation and thanks for who I grew into go to:
My parents Dewyn Mullings (deceased) and Yvonne Mullings
My grandmothers Mae Mullings (deceased) and Ermine Holness Beckles 
My grandfathers Winston Murray and Maurice Beckles (deceased)
Sydney and Myrtle Brown (deceased uncle and aunt)
Morris Holness ( my cousin and godfather)
Oliver Holness ( my cousin and mentor)
Orville and Maisie Holness (cousins and friends)
Beverly Findley ( my second mother) and 
Joseph Selden ( my college advisor)
All praise and honour to God.”

When we spoke to Hope, we had no idea just how much of a positive impact she would have on our lives. Reasoning with her was a joy. Her energy is boundless, and her gratitude is even more riveting.

Hope Robinson representing with the flag

As much as a written article would do well, it is much more important to hear from Mrs Robinson herself. Here are some snippets from the conversation with a powerfully positive Jamaican woman who continues to represent the black, gold, and green with every breath. Never to forget that all she has done, and all she is doing now, is meant to glorify God for the gifts and energy He has given her. Mrs Robinson asked that we make sure to reiterate, emphasize, highlight, and give prominence to that fact. When the entire community is your family, life is different.

As stated before, from her birth until now, Mrs Robinson has been disrupting the ‘norm’. Listen to how she started school. Only a life of constructive purpose could come from such a brain. Always know that Determination and Persistence will yield success

Starting Basic School
Hope loving being at home

It was no surprise to us to hear that Mrs Robinson’s love for science started at a very young age. What we found interesting is where that love spark was ignited. God as a way of putting things in place that point you to your purpose. It’s really up to you to read those signs and be obedient. Listen to the clues all around you and chase who you are meant to be.

Moving to the United States for some immigrants can be a tough transition. Culture shock can take away from the experience and just leave you yearning to go back home. Some immigrants take this experience as fuel to reach the highest goal possible and then to recreate what possibility looks like. Hope is the latter. Her work has never stopped producing triumph after triumph.No matter what, if you put God in it, all is possible

Hope Robinson representing with her grandma Ermine Holness Beckles who will be 101 years old in September

Hope explains, “My grandma is the first cousin of Morris Holness the Prime Minister’s dad. My grandma was born in Spanish Town; my mom is her oldest child, and her only child born in Jamaica (she had the rest of her children in the U.S.).”

Hope has now been working at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the last 20 years. She specializes in examining and approving patents for medical cures and anything that deals with protein-based drugs. She also reviews science fair projects for local middle school students and on a national level science competition projects for high school students. Mrs Robinson has several years of teaching experience. She taught 7 and 8-grade science for a short while and taught college-level science for 2.5 years

On top of all Hope does in her 24 hour day; she is also an author. She has two books on the way. They will debut in the new year. The books are currently going through, processing (‘Ally’s Apple Days’ is undergoing illustrations, and ‘Zach’s Snacks’ has been accepted and undergoing edits.
Her third book is complete, but she is waiting for the first one to print, then she will submit her manuscript. Hope’s passion for writing has manifested in children’s books but, in pure Hope form, she is also working on two adult books.

Me and my kids, daughter Allison, youngest child Nathan and middle child Zachary

We asked Mrs Robinson about her time management. With all the things that she has going on in her life; when does she get time for herself. We also wanted to know what she does in her spare time, especially when she comes back home. The answer was as Jamaican as can be. Barefoot and an easy lifestyle.


Hope went on to tell us that prior to having children, she would find a freshly ploughed field and run barefoot through that field. It was an experience that took her back to her childhood and one that she looked forward to doing on every visit. It’s best you hear her explanation about how this works for her because when you do, you too will find something to associate and agree with her.

The definition of Freedom

As we were wrapping up our amazing conversation, we asked for any parting words for our young readers. A veteran motivational persona like this must have some meaningful words for the next or current generation. This is what Hope had to say.

Young People Give Forward

Then we asked for the people who have run out of steam and feel stuck. The people who were once on fire with passion but the fire has fizzled a bit or completely. Surely a seasoned woman of God and a constant overcomer had ‘been there and done that’ and would have sound advice to give. We were not disappointed.

By the grace of God, you can do it

Her final words for the evening were as follows, “The take-home message is, it matters not where you go, what matters more is what you take from it; we all have abilities and can choose to maximize those abilities or waste them.”

Keep up the great work Hope Robinson. We are watching with smiles on our hearts as you navigate the challenges, celebrate the triumphs, and run barefoot through the fields of life.

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