Silicon Caribe – Inspiring A Movement

Silicon Caribe – Inspiring A Movement

Silicon Caribe

Silicon Caribe is celebrating its 10th anniversary with verve and gusto. For this significant milestone, they have adopted the bold moniker – Amplify. Disrupt. Inspire. Said Ingrid Riley, founder of Silicon Caribe, ‘in business, you always have to come back to why you are doing it, to keep inspired.’ The team will build on the past decade’s successes and challenges and pursue a path that will continue their pioneering role in blazing the trail in digital media and Caribbean tech start-up businesses. Ingrid explains, ‘it is important for us to understand that this (global digital  economy) is an amazing opportunity, as the barriers are down, the game has changed, no longer do we have to wait to be picked or wait to be given a job or wait to be shown because internet access brings amazing opportunities.’

Silicon Caribe will continue to change the way people in the Caribbean understand and use technology. “In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we are amplifying our Caribbean stories about who is doing what in the tech space.” She explains, “we are going to disrupt the perception that people may have of the Caribbean and the Caribbean’s involvement in the digital economy.  People are shocked when we tell them the kinds of things we are doing  – the startups- the entrepreneurs- the things we develop here (in the Caribbean),” she continues, ‘so we want to disrupt the way the world sees us and our role in the tech industry and our role in the global digital economy. Most importantly, we are going to disrupt how we see ourselves.”


The inspiration element of the theme is borne out of her love for creating opportunities to empower others. ‘I always believe that the more we share our stories with each other and with the world, it inspires others to say, how can I leverage the technology for myself, my country, and my region to make money and create a job.’

Interested persons can become a part of the movement by attending one of Silicon Caribe’s events. Events such as Kingston BETA, a space for tech entrepreneurs to present their business ideas and concepts. They present to a learned audience who provide invaluable feedback. Or attend Caribbean Bloggers Week or Caribbean Women in Technology Conference later this year.

Ingrid knows that when the movement takes root in the region’s psyche, it will lead to more startups. It will also lead to different ideas, with persons contributing their skills and business to the economy. ‘I don’t control what happens, but we hope it stimulates and spark a fire in people,’ she concluded.

For more information, visit: siliconcaribe.com

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