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Problem Management

Health Ministry takes problem management to communities

The Ministry of Health & Wellness earlier today launched the pilot of an intervention geared at helping Jamaicans to optimise their ability to cope with adversity that could undermine their mental wellness.
Young Men and Women

Empowering Young Men and Women of Purpose

The YWOP and YMOP programs, led by Lanisia Rhoden, give young people the tools they need to realize their maximum potential. The attendees of this year's R.E.A.P. conference were inspired and equipped with resources they can use to achieve their goals.
Boys' Town

The Boys’ Town Well Gives Life

More than three thousand residents in Boys' Town will benefit from the new solar-powered well water infrastructure. The method is an example of an "All hands on deck" response to a critical issue. Friendships with Jamaica's business community and global organizations helped complete the massive project.
Gospel Star

Jamaica Gospel Star Competition Accepting Entries

The 2023 Gospel Star Competition staging is going to turn heads and break hearts. Unfortunately, only one artiste be victorious. Do you know who it will be? The time is now.

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