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Edmund Bartlett: Jamaica sees record stopover arrivals Dec 22-28

December 30, 2016 A record 60,886 stopover visitors flooded Jamaica between December 22 and 28, the tourism ministry reported yesterday. “It is definitely a Christmas to remember; a fine gift to Jamaica. We are looking at the biggest week ever and indications of strong growth into next year, 2017,” a news release quoted Tourism Minister […]

Emily Ratajkowski Really Embraced Jamaica During Her Beach Getaway

More Recognition To Be Given To Christmas Rebellion, Says Homer Davis

December 28, 2016 By: Christopher Thomas Montego Bay Mayor Homer Davis is promising to speak with representatives of the Social Development Commission (SDC) in St James about making the anniversary of the parish’s 1831 Sam Sharpe Christmas Rebellion a more high-profile celebration than it is at present. “In my own thought process, I think Sam Sharpe […]

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