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Epilepsy and multiple sclerosis treatments potential revenue sources for Medicanja

Using marijiuana as the base plant for medical treatment, local medicinal research firm, Medicanja, has recently been approved by the Ministry of Health to market treatments for two of the most globally common health issues. In fact, more than 52 million people are affected by epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. This represents just two examples of how […]

Kicking things up a notch with Keisha Wright

The State of the Cannabis Industry

The Jamaican “stoner” stereotype has seeped its way into every corner of the world. Through the celebrity of reggae music and Jamaican Rastafarian artistes, Jamaica has become synonymous with the celebration of cannabis (or if you prefer one of its other names, marijuana, high grade, herbs, kush, or plain old weed). Yet despite this international […]

Kicking things up a notch with Keisha Wright