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Kimone Knight – A Chemistry Wiz

Kimone Knight – A Chemistry Wiz


At only 5 feet 1 inch, Kimone Knight embodies the popular Jamaican saying “she likkle but she tallawah”. This 28-year-old is using her passion for chemistry and her mind for business to make a difference in the lives of others.

Working in what she describes as an underrated field, she finds joy in coming up with new formulas for products she makes specifically for her clients. Working in her lab, figuring out the best way to make these products, gives her peace.

Growing up, Kimone tells Good News Jamaica, she wasn’t interested in playing with dolls but rather with bugs. She liked to perform experiments on them to see what would happen. She fell in love as soon as she discovered that chemistry could satisfy her curiosity.

Her passion and curiosity for the sciences grew in high school but intensified in University. In 2012, she graduated from the University of the West Indies with a Bachelors of Science in Pure and Applied Science.

After graduation, she went back to her high school, Holy Childhood High, and taught. Here, she was able to share her love for chemistry with a younger generation.

How Kimone made it

Kimone Knight

It wasn’t always easy but she says being raised by a single mother taught her a lot.

“I learned to be determined and to enthusiastically embrace challenges but most importantly, I learned to be resilient.”

Resilience, a trait that was extremely beneficial when Kimone decided to start a company of her own. After several setbacks, she was finally able to get her business, Knight’s Chemical Ltd., off the ground. She would not stop there. When her friend and mentor, Julie Steinbeck, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she began advising her on the dangers of some of the compounds in her beauty products. Julie helped Kimone realize the need for alternatives in the beauty industry. Subsequently, Kimone formulated all-natural beauty products to help cancer patients feel beautiful during their fight.

“People are fighting battles in all aspects of life and just a simple act of kindness can make their day or time just a bit easier and comforting.”

Kimone’s story is one of passion, drive and persistence and she believes her story has only just begun.


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