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Being Great is a Practice not a Belief

Being Great is a Practice not a Belief

Constable Steve Tindale

I take this time to introduce you to a great man who has impacted the lives of many on a continuous basis. He is involved with youngsters, giving them example of what a good person does and is. The man is in touch with the elderly, showing them that there is support from the young in our community. He interacts with the gangsters, as well as corporate Jamaica and the government. A viable lifestyle choice is to give positive energy. This is the point Mr. Andrew Williams is showing through practice.

The Great Man

Melissa Brown

Andrew is a man of integrity, humbleness, focus, concern, and action. He leads by example and loves the fact that he can empower people to become leaders himself. That, in itself, is a great trait. Coupled with the fact that he knows when to push people forward to show their greatness, without needing to be in the spotlight, is a great aspect of his personality.

Andrew has started a “movement” as described by one of his colleges Steve Tindale. Mr. Tindale goes on to explain Andrews movement as starting with “a drive to help and uplift those who need it and… just to give a positive energy whether in kind, support, [and/or] love”. Andrew does not have an office to do these things, he does this throughout his day while on the street. Melissa Brown explained an example of this movement. Andrew was walking in Halfway Tree when he noticed a young boy selling small items like candy, gum, and such from a cardboard box. He ceased the opportunity to introduce the acts of love and caring to the youngster. Andrew walked over and asked, “How much for everything you have?” The young man gave him the amount and Andrew bought all the items. Andrew then gave the young man a choice to either give the items away or resell them…. The youngster took the time to give away everything he had, one by one to people passing by. Lesson learned!

Great is Great and Cyaa Under Rate

Constable Chantal Osborne of the JCF

But you can’t takes a persons word about the type of person he/she is can you.  So we decided to sit with some of Andrews friends without Andrew being around to learn more about this man.  We chose 4 random people where Andrew spends most of his time.  We will now give you their uncut responses to our questions about the man.

Chantal Osborne was excited to sit with us.  She describes herself as “A loving, miserable young lady and a woman of God.” Ms. Osborne explained that the first time she learned about Andrew, and what he does naturally, was when he was commended at work.  He was recognized for purchasing a strangers groceries.  Mr. Williams does this every time he receives his salary. He picks a random supermarket goes in, finds someone and pays for their groceries.  Most of the time, he picks an elderly person to assist.

When Ms. Osbourne was asked, “what about this action is so powerful for you?” she took a deep breath with a smile that touched each ear and said, “The good thing about it and cements the love that he is expressing is the fact that he is a police. Now we know that the title police comes with allot of negativity and [this shows that] when the police is doing good it’s really good.”  Ms. Osborne also talked about the action taken in Halfway Tree and was very happy that Corporal Andrew Williams does his positive actions while “Properly decked out in his uniform”.

Serving in Order to Protect

Corporal Williams shows every day what community based policing is all about.  “He is an ambassador and he is showing that, and it’s really good.” said Constable Osborne.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force did not give Corporal Williams instruction to be positive. Just in case you are wondering why he is this way.  He does this out of his own heart and has even created a name for his actions which he plans to create a company from.  The company will be “Positive Initiative”.  Listen to what he has to say about the movement.

Positive initiative has touched so many people but to hear it from Corporal Williams’ colleagues on how his actions have inspired them is a real gem.  Watch this next video to learn how Corporal Williams has impressed Sergeant Maurice McLean.


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Charles Hyatt Being positive is a lifestyle and I live everyday loving the fact that I'm living every day. Each time I help someone smile, it reiterates the power of Good. So, I think, talk, eat, drink, Good News.

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