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UHWI gets $1 million for paediatric ward

UHWI gets $1 million for paediatric ward


January 06, 2017

TASTEE Limited on Wednesday donated $1 million to the paediatric ward of University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI).

Group CEO for Tastee Group Ryan Foster, in his speech, told the audience of how the paediatric ward had personally impacted his life.“This is a partnership that we at Tastee Limited are very proud to be associated with because we know the great difference it will make to every child in Jamaica. I personally understand and this why this donation means a great deal to me. When my child was just eight months old he fell ill and was admitted to the UHWI for a few weeks. To the doctors and nurses, you play a very critical role here and for this we as parents are grateful.”

The hospital’s CEO, Kevin Allen, said: “It is with great pride and honour that we accept this donation as it will go a far way in helping us to deliver quality patient care. The last donation made by Tastee in 2014 was used to purchase much needed medical items and equipment such as medication, examination tables, panel screens and much more…We have not decided what we will do with this $1 million just yet, but let me assure you that this money will be used for something that we will have continuous use for. Tastee will not only be aiding the little ones but instead equipment procured will be used towards the teaching and learning process.”

Tastee, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, said it has over the years made great contributions to the economy through its various bursaries set up with the University of the West Indies, University of Technology and Mico University, and through the Tastee Talent Trail where more than $200 million has been injected in the economy, in addition to donations made to Food for the Poor, Mustard Seed Communities, among others.

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