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Jamaican Snowfall Premiere

Jamaican Snowfall Premiere


On Wednesday July 5th at 10PM EST (9PM Jamaica time) the Fox Network derivative FX will premier its newest drama, Snowfall.  The series will chronicle the introduction of crack cocaine to Los Angeles, California along with the subsequent destruction that was coupled with it.

Actress Michael Hyatt

FX is known for ground breaking programming over the years evidenced last year with 18 Emmy’s at the acclaimed awards show.  With shows such as The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, Fargo, The Americans, etc., it is no wonder that FX has created another powerhouse series in Snowfall.  Created by ‘real life’ storyteller John Singleton and staring Jamaican actress, Charlene “Michael” Hyatt, who plays ‘Cissy Saint’  the mother of ‘Franklin Saint’, played by new talent Damson Idris. Also staring Carter Hudson (Teddy McDonald)Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Gustavo Zapata)Emily Rios (Lucia Villanueva),  Filipe Valle Costa (Pedro), Amin Joseph (Jerome Saint), and Isaiah John (Jerome Saint)

Snowfall Plot

Snowfall posterThe plot follows the lives of Franklin, Gustavo, Teddy and  Emily as they begin to define their success by representing a life connected to the world of cocaine.  Franklin is only interested in upping his financial status, which includes taking care of his mother, Gustavo tries to fit in to a family that is not his own, Teddy tries to wipe out who he has been by becoming someone new and Emily ‘becomes’ a powerful sister in a major crime family.  The stories unfold in the only ways they can when you include cocaine and crack in anyone’s lives.

Snowfall Premiere

Packed houses enthusiastically viewed the premiere in Los Angeles, Dallas and New Orleans.  After the viewing there was a thick feeling in the room that everyone in the audience locked the date and time  into their calendars. Other than the few people who asked a question, it appeared that the rest of the audience sat with their mouths open, wondering, ‘where’s the rest?’  As Director John Singleton put it when asked in different ways about what is going to happen during the series, “Watch the show!!”.  It is going to blow your mind!

Below are some photos from the premiere;



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