Home Education Past students assist St Mary High School with computers
Past students assist St Mary High School with computers

Past students assist St Mary High School with computers

Grade nine students at St Mary High School cheer during the presentation of computers, exercise mats and running spikes by the ‘Batch of 1997’. (Photos: Everard Owen)

Past students of St Mary High School, the ‘Batch of 1997’, recently presented eight computers to their alma mater in a bid to improve the academic standing of present day students and to provide much needed technology for the school. In addition, exercise mats and running spikes were also presented.

Chairperson of the ‘Batch of 97’ Donna Hunter, in making the presentation, told the students: “We wanted to give back to our school and decided to assist in information technology, as when we were students we had to share the computers as not enough were available at the time and some persons did not get the opportunity to use the computers. We are also giving some exercise mats and running spikes to the track and field team to aid in the holistic development of students here at our beloved St Mary High,” she said.

The presentation was made to principal of the school, Juliet Sadar.

“We are very grateful and thankful that these students have decided to give back to their school and as you use the equipment provided, use them wisely and care for them as they are for your development. We are proud of them and for their concern for us as we strive in faith and courage as try to make them proud. Thank you, ‘Class of 1997’,” Sankar said.

By: Everard Owen

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