Home Education Food For The Poor Assists Mount Olivet Boys’ Home
Food For The Poor Assists Mount Olivet Boys’ Home

Food For The Poor Assists Mount Olivet Boys’ Home


Food for the Poor (FFP) has donated provisions to assist Mount Olivet Boys’ Home’s self help project.

Included are 1,000 chickens, feed and relevant supplies from the Agriculture and Fisheries Unit of the FFP.

Agriculture and Fishing Manager at FFP, Rebecca Harper, tells JIS News that the main goal of the unit is to take people out of poverty through agriculture and fishing.

“Mount Olivet applied to us to help them replenish their chicken stock in order to become self sufficient. This falls within our mandate,” she says.

The home has been provided with all that is required to grow the first batch of chickens, training and “they have sufficient experience to manage and maintain the programme,” she adds.

The FFP has also helped other children’s homes and care centres certified by the Ministry of Health and Child Development Agency to become self sufficient.

Mount Olivet Boys’ Home is also a beneficiary of their Angels of Hope programme, which provides an opportunity for persons to form a lasting bond with a special child to help them develop into healthy adults.

Meanwhile, Acting Director of Mount Olivet Boys’ Home, Rudolph Brown, tells JIS News that they are very happy for the project boost.

“This project will be on-going, thanks to Food for the Poor and it will add to our income stream,” Mr. Brown says.

“Our chickens are doing very well. The home will be the first customer for the chickens, supporting our own and selling the remainder to the community,” he adds.

The Acting Director notes the boys are very enthused about the project as they too assist with the chickens.

He highlighted that one of the boys is solely assigned to assist the caretaker with the chickens, due to his level of interest and his natural skills when he performs his duties.“His performance is outstanding, he is very responsible,” he says.

The Acting Director points out that the home currently produces vegetables that supply the kitchen and that there are plans to expand their involvement in agriculture in the medium to long term future.

The Fishing Division of Food for the Poor has assisted 14 fishing villages, with 72 fishermen being monitored. The Agriculture Division was born out of a project funded by USAID for red peas. The division has helped over 90,000 farmers in different aspects of agriculture – green houses, irrigation, pig and poultry rearing.

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