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Mustard Seed Children Showered With Christmas Gifts

Mustard Seed Children Showered With Christmas Gifts


December 27, 2016

By: Okoye Henry

Children who reside at the Mustard Seed Communities’ children’s home in Adelphi, St James, were recently showered with Christmas treats.

Banker Janet Richards, in partnership with the Usain Bolt Foundation (UBF), led the philanthropic effort which left the 32 children of the home in addition to the staff with smiles on their faces.   Wards at the Melody House for Girls were also invited to share in the festivities.

They were treated to a full course meal rice and gungo peas, chicken, ham and shrimp in addition to ice cream, sorrel, cake and more. Santa Claus also stopped by bearing a bag of toys and other goodies for the children.  Montego Bay saxophonist, Fitzroy Minott, also donated his time to treat the home to some live entertainment.

“It has been an awesome experience,” said Richards, who has been visiting the home for the past 10 years.

“The way I love my children, I think of them (at the home) the same way. They do not have real families so I consider them a part of me and I give them things similar to what I would give my own,” she added.

Richards’ partnership with UBF has been ongoing for the past four years after she met the famed athlete at an event in Kingston.

“I told him that I would love for him to do a project with me in Montego Bay and of course he handed me over to Nugent (Walker), his manager, and from there this is it,” Richards explained, vowing to continue the work at the home.

Meanwhile, Cordell Howell Huie, administrator at the Mustard Seed, said the 34 members of staff were much appreciative of Richards and partners for sharing the spirit of Christmas with the children.  She saidthe help was welcomed because it has really been a challenge for staff to take care of the   18 females and 14 males year-round.

“It really means a lot because we want our children to really enjoy the Christmas just as how we ourselves and families would be enjoying it,” stated Huie. “We are really looking forward for more support from corporate Jamaica next year, especially in St. James,” she added.

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