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Latin American Woman’s Club Celebrates Christmas Babies

Latin American Woman’s Club Celebrates Christmas Babies

Claudia Rendón, member of LAWC, Sandra Raggio, Vice President, TryzelL Balladares, member of LAWC, Devonte Andrew Batton, and Pecky-Anne Brown

Three gift baskets of goodies were handed over for the first three births at the Victoria Jubilee Memorial Hospital this morning.  Members of the Latin American Women’s Club (LAWC) presented the gift packages to the mothers.  The first lovely Christmas addition to the Jamaican population was Amira Alexa Fraser and her mother told Good News Jamaica about being the first; “It feels great, very exciting.  I like the experience and most of all, I’m grateful to have my baby on Christmas day.” Ms. Pecky-Ann Brown brought us Devonte Andrew Batton who was only 3 hours old when we visited the hospital.  Mother Trudy Ellis, who gave birth to Daniel Scott expressed her pleasure with the staff at the hospital. She chose Victoria Jubilee to have both her sons.  “The experience is OK and the staff are good.” She also expressed gratitude for receiving the gifts from the LAWC.

The LAWC, have been celebrating the first births on Christmas Day at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital since July 5, 1966.  Today Vice President Sandra Raggio, Claudia Rendón, member of LAWC, and Tryzell Balladares, member of LAWC, represented the club by delivering these gifts packages Canastilla in Spanish-  with babies clothes, diapers, toiletries and toys, thanks to the members’ donations.

Spread Smiles During Christmas

Sandra Raggio, Vice President, Matron Elise Fairweather-Blackwood, Trudy Ellis, Daniel Scott, TryzelL Balladares, member of LAWC, Claudia Rendón, member of LAWC,

The LAWC are Spanish speaking ladies from around the world, residing in Kingston, Jamaica. They meet up for social and charity events. They also promote friendship, culture, and organise cultural outings to welcome other nationalities interested in practicing Spanish. Subsequently, they visit and finance charity centers or projects to help children, the disabled, the poor or others less favored by the society.  The Club runs from September until the end of July.

Victoria Jubilee was established in 1887.  The mission is to “provide quality service to the maternal community, training and research for doctors, nurses, midwives and other health care personnel to ensure a healthy nation.” The hospital also strives to “Promote a client friendly culture by fostering a collaborative relationship among personnel in primary, secondary and tertiary health facilities, the community and community organizations.” It is obvious that the hospital is well loved.  We interviewed the Matron, Elise Fairweather-Blackwood, who has been in the position for only a year but has moved up the ranks in the hospital over 26 years.  She was very proud to mention that she was birthed at Victoria Jubilee.  The Matron is living evidence of the pull of Victoria Jubilee and the quality experiences that are had at the hospital.


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