Home Culture Facey Commodity hails ‘Good Samaritan’
Facey Commodity hails ‘Good Samaritan’

Facey Commodity hails ‘Good Samaritan’


MONTEGO BAY, St James – Shortly before 7:00 pm on February 15, Leslie Greenfield, a shopkeeper and vendor of Waterworks, Westmoreland, had just completed the unloading of his Isuzu pickup truck at home after a hard day’s work, when he heard a loud explosion.

On investigation, he discovered that the sound had resulted from a major motor vehicle crash on the usually busy Waterworks main road, involving two trucks — one a delivery vehicle operated by Facey Commodity.

One person was killed in the two-vehicle collision, while the two occupants of the Facey Commodity truck – the driver/salesman and his assistant – were badly injured.

The assistant reportedly received multiple cuts to his face and fingers, while the driver/salesman sustained injuries to his right leg, as well as a dislocated hip, a broken femur along with scrapes and bruises to sections of his body.

Greenfield said that when he arrived at the scene of the accident, he observed people using the cameras on their cellphones to take photographs and video of the scene, stressing that no one wanted to touch the bloodied accident victims who were grimacing in pain.

The driver of the Facey Commodity truck, Greenfield said, was lying on the roadside, while the sideman, who was bleeding profusely, was trapped in the cab of the vehicle.

“On seeing this, I hurried back to my home, jump into my pick-up truck and rushed to the scene of the accident, because I knew that the men needed help fast, and the people who had gathered there seemed not to be interested in helping them, but were more interested in taking photos and video shots,” Greenfield told the Jamaica Observer West.

However, Greenfield, with help from a neighbour, managed to lift the blood-drenched driver and his assistant into his pick-up truck and rushed then to the Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital, about nine miles away.

But before departing the scene, Greenfield, whose hands and clothes were soaked with blood, instructed the neighbour to remove all valuables from the front of the damaged truck and hand them over to his girlfriend, Megan Griffith.

Facey Commodity’s hand-held device, four cellphones, printer and calculator were among the items in the truck that were handed over to Griffith.

Greenfield also instructed his neighbour to ensure that the truck, which was laden with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, was not looted.

Meanwhile, Griffith, searched the cell phones taken from the truck for numbers, and subsequently made contact with a number of people associated with the injured men, advising them of the accident.

Facey Commodity depot manager for western Jamaica, Vernon Webb, told the Observer West that when he arrived at the scene of the crash hours later, he saw Greenfield washing blood from his pickup truck.

“I immediately thought that my company should not waste the opportunity to recognise and honour Greenfield’s selfless act of kindness,” he said.

Last Thursday, at a brief ceremony held in the boardroom at the Facey Commodity’s depot’s office in Freeport, Montego Bay, employees of the company recognised Greenfield for what they described as his “selfless and neighbourly act”.

There, Greenfield, and was presented with a gift basket donated by the management of the company, while the injured men’s colleagues from the Route to Market sales division made a cash donation.

Webb, in his brief remarks, likened Greenfield to the Good Samaritan mentioned in Luke 10 verse 33 in the Bible.

“He (Greenfield) represents what’s right with Jamaica and is the epitome of how persons should treat each other, albeit strangers,” said Webb.

“Greenfield spoke eloquently through his actions as to how persons should conduct themselves at accident sites,” Webb added, as he encouraged Greenfield “not to become weary in doing good”.

And a grateful Greenfield expressed surprise at Facey Commodity’s gesture.

“I wasn’t expecting anything. I did it from my heart and because of my love for people. I knew that the injured men wanted help, so I decided to help, so I wasn’t even thinking about getting anything from the company, but still I appreciate it,” said Greenfield.

By: Mark Cummings

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