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Art Mural and our Community

Art Mural and our Community


Street art has a long history in Jamaica throughout several inner-city communities.  Subsequently, a quick drive around Kingston will showcase murals on the surrounding walls, buildings and on some street corners in communities.  Accordingly, this artwork can vary in its message. The themes range from a political and/or social focus to simply beautifying a space.  It’s a creative way of making a statement in a public space.   Art is just art, no matter the medium or the reason.

Stop or slow down to view the inspiring mural near the JUTC bus terminal along Windward Road.  This amazing artwork is bound to stop you in your tracks.  Good News Jamaica stopped and got the story behind this creative expression as it unfolded by a small team of artists.

The Art and the reason

Matthew McCarthy beginning the mural

Aisha Panton, a director for Collection MoDA spoke with us about the project. Mrs. Panton stated that in launching their MoDA Market series which begins in November, the company commissioned the artists to create a mural. With this intention, the market theme for this year is ‘Street”. Correspondingly, what better way to launch such a theme, than going into a community to empower it using art? In the same fashion, this magnificent mural along Windward Road is an example.

The Collection MoDA series of events are aimed at keeping the business of the creative industries at the core of its manifesto.  Their objective is to make Kingston the creative hub of the Caribbean.  Altogether, they aim to make Kingston into a platform where creative souls can follow their dreams and turn their passion into sustainable business realities. Coupled with energizing the local economy and elevating the city of Kingston into a creative mecca.  Mrs. Panton shared with us that after starting out in 2012 as a runway show, Collection MoDA has evolved rapidly. Through artisans, photography, music, etc., Collection MoDA is increasingly recognized for their passion for creativity.

The Art and the Artists

We spoke with two of the three artists about this street art on the wall which has become the perfect canvas for the mural.  Matthew McCarthy and Rushane ‘Paige’ Taylor took a break from creating the masterpiece to speak with us about their involvement in the mural.  Interestingly, from an early age, both artists began their journey into art.  They related similar stories of drawing on just about anything and taking apart one thing to create a new thing.  There were also those times that ‘Paige’ got into trouble for drawing instead of doing his school work.

Rushane ‘Paige’ Taylor creating his part of the mural

Both artists spoke highly of the others’ talent. Based on previous work, the artists were invited to create this mural. They are no strangers to creating murals and found this undertaking a good fit for their talents. Furthermore, they also support the initiative of enhancing communities with stories through art.

As this project evolves, it is going to be amazing to see our creativity displayed all through Kingston. Keep up the good work Collection MoDA!





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