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Your Heart is Pleased With Zierlich Dialysis Centre


There are times in life when you meet people who are alive but not living.  In like manner, there are times when you meet people who are living life to its fullest. Good News Jamaica had the privilege of meeting the latter when we interviewed Andre Nelson and Paul Harrison. Both gentlemen represent Zierlich International Dialysis Centre.  The centre can be found at Unit F11 GWEST Medical Complex, Lot 6 Crane Boulevard, Fairview, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Being a part of a larger group of medical and business professionals in the medical complex, Zierlich augments the wide range of medical services offered at the first-class complex.

Excited about Zierlich

Paul Harrison (Left) and Andre Nelson discuss the feeling of celebrating the one year anniversary of Zierlich Dialysis Centre

Good News Jamaica chose to write about Zierlich to celebrate the heart of the owner.  Mr Nelson is that person who lives his life figuring out how his customers can live their best life. With this intention, Mr Nelson and Dainty Powell created the centre to inform people that vacationing and dialysis are possible.  They created Zierlich with convenient scheduling and top quality service to make Jamaica a medical destination.  Mr Nelson lives, eats, sleeps Zierlich. Enhancing the lives of his clients excites him.  Dialysis is a process that helps patients live abundantly. In order to represent that truth, Zierlich incorporates many services which prove that concept, and make a positive difference.

In an effort to ensure that they catered to Jamaicans living in England and Europe, Zierlich decided to create an experience that would allow these people to feel comfortable returning home regularly.

To validate that renal services were needed, extensive research was done throughout the Caribbean.  Once the information was interpreted, service configurations took place to make certain each client experienced unparalleled comfort.  In an effort to provide first class service, patients have access to premium services in standard packages. The centre offers pick-up and drop-off services, three session time slots, discount services, and much more.

Dialysis Milestones

Now that the centre has celebrated one year, the crew has started to figure out how they can do better.  Price changes were made to improve the patient experience.  The 10% and 20% discounts which are usually applied during down season, are now year round.  Likewise, people who can’t afford the service receive subsidized fees. In the same fashion, the service fee for seniors is discounted and discounts are applied to resident patients. If resident patients pay for 7 treatments in advance, the 8th is free.  Zierlich also fund raises for patients in innovative ways. To top it off, the centre does pre-screening to prevent or detect early signs of renal failure.

Zierlich decided to hire a public relations firm, PK Media with the objective of raising awareness of renal failure and to highlight that Jamaica is equipped to handle any dialysis situation 24/7. Good News Jamaica asked Paul Harrison of PK Media to explain how it felt to have his firm selected for these purposes.


Our difference is what makes us different

Mr Harrison also spoke about the Zierlich difference. Concepts such as painting the walls of the centre with anti-bacterial paint and wanting to help other clinics increase their quality are just two ways Zierlich stands out.

With the push now to recognize health tourism as a serious economy booster for Jamaica, this is a perfect fit.  Zierlich even displays vacation suggestions on their website for individuals to experience, enjoy and always remember Jamaica. “The Holistic approach! People need to be inspired! I believe that when you’re inspired, that’s almost like a healing process.  When you give somebody that message of hope that’s all in your loins, this is not an act. This is us! This is what we believe in and why Zierlich was birthed.  That’s the atmosphere that Zierlich, and our team, bring to each and every customer that walks through our doors”, as is explained by Mr Harrison.

The hardest part of our interview was trying to get Mr Nelson to talk about himself. He ended up at Zierlich every time he started. The lives that are entrusted to Zierlich are like family to Mr Nelson. He explains it like this;

To close off by saying the team at Zierlich is amazing would seem a bit biased. So watch the video and let us know what you think.


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