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National Bakery presents Bold Ones 2016

National Bakery presents Bold Ones 2016


March 18, 2016

Continental Baking Company Limited Chairman Gary ‘Butch’ Hendrickson announced on Wednesday the latest group of National Bakery’s ‘Bold Ones: New Champions of Manufacturing’.

These new entrepreneurs will receive a wide range of benefits under National’s innovative programme to support manufacturing.

Representing the seven new ‘Bold Ones’ at the event, held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, were Mr and Mrs Averelle French of Coldbush Organics Limited; Marie and Maria Wilson of DeJaFrut – All Natural Sorbet; Antoinette Davis of Ettenio; Joel Harris of Shavuot International Holdings Company Limited; Garfield Spence of Tritronic Electronics Limited; Allison Turner of Turner Innovations Limited; and June Gottgens of Umium.

The Bold Ones were presented with plaques by National Bakery.

“In this tough environment the ‘Bold Ones’ have shown their mettle, as setting up a business requires so much patience and paper work in this country,” said Hendrickson. “This group of Bold Ones have stepped up to create enterprises, provide employment, and yes, pay their taxes. Moreover, they have endeavoured to use as many indigenous materials as possible.”

This is the fourth time that National Bakery will be endorsing and marketing courageous Jamaican visionaries in the biennial programme launched in 2010, bringing their sponsorship of a total of 34 companies to approximately J$120 million.

“In profiling our 2016 National Bakery Bold Ones, they, like their predecessors, will be empowered to create more jobs, develop their export potential so they can earn foreign exchange for the country, and become examples of the productivity that will eventually lead to prosperity,” said Hendrickson.

Hendrickson further implored those present to be more ethical in all their endeavours including governance and respect for the rule of law. “It is now as good a time as any to raise the standard of public etiquette in our country,” Hendrickson said.

Howard Mitchell, vice-president of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association, and Christopher Barnes, vice-president of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, both endorsed the programme.

National Bakery identified the seven new entrepreneurs after an extensive search led by Director of Operations Steven Sykes. “In this, the 2016 renewal of the National Bakery Bold Ones: New Champions of Manufacturing,” Sykes said, “we once again searched the island for candidates. This year proved to be more challenging than previous years. However, we eventually identified a short list of new businesses, not more than seven years old, employing at least five persons, and using indigenous materials to manufacture quality products. And not only were they tax-compliant, they all had a compelling story to tell.”

Over the next six months, the companies will receive multi-media promotional packages and extensive publicity. For the first time, the Bold Ones programme will be televised through a partnership with Business Access TV and National Bakery. Bold Ones will, in addition, over the next two years, have their advertisements carried on the National trucks that traverse the island.

On behalf of the 2016 Bold Ones, Marie Wilson, one of the managing directors of DeJaFrut Limited, thanked Hendrickson and the National Bakery team for their tremendous faith and support in all companies present.

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