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Being positive is a lifestyle and I live everyday loving the fact that I'm living every day. Each time I help someone smile, it reiterates the power of Good. So, I think, talk, eat, drink, Good News.

What Are Characteristics Of Successful People

Apply tunnel vision to become successful Successful people have one thing in common and that’s focus.  Therefore, tasks are interrupted with more urgent ones, without focus. Likewise, without focus, short successful initiatives become long drawn out projects. Apply focus to any task and watch two things happen. The first is, the task will get done […]

Your Obstacle May Be In The Mirror

The obstacle of your mind If we want the best that we see life has to offer; why are we the biggest blockade? With this in mind, spend time dismantling your inhibitions so that you may live abundantly. In any event, never let the obstacle you face, come from within. Focus!

Your Heart is Pleased With Zierlich Dialysis Centre

There are times in life when you meet people who are alive but not living.  In like manner, there are times when you meet people who are living life to its fullest.  Good News Jamaica had the privilege of meeting the latter when we interviewed Andre Nelson and Paul Harrison. Both gentlemen represent Zierlich International […]

Being Alive Should Take More Than Breath

When we awake each day, we have a life. Nonetheless, this does not mean that we are alive. Being alive takes focus, determination, and purpose. Have you been chasing what makes you happy?

Your Life Needs You To Live

Some people choose a mediocre life because it is easy. But, they are never content. They are always dreaming of becoming a big deal but never working toward it. Be different by doing differently!!!!